Top 10 video content ideas for 2019

Hopefully you read our previous blog that looked at why video content is so important and have now decided that video is the next logical step for your business. If you don’t know where to start, or know what content will work for your audience, then here are some of our favourite video content ideas for you.

1 | Introducing your business

This has become the standard now for most website homepages and social media channels. A simple promotional video that outlines what you do in a nutshell. A logical place to start when creating that first piece of video content.

2 | Introducing your employees

Why not showcase the great people that work at your business? This type of content appeals to all audience types and shows the more human side of what you do. You can make it fun by asking staff to answer all sorts of questions. A great slice of content for social media channels.

3 | A look inside your business

Go behind the scenes at your business to help customers understand exactly what goes on and how you operate. This could be live demonstrations or even an office tour. Another example of content that will likely appeal to multiple audiences.

4 | Sharing an announcement

If you have some big news to share with your audience, a great alternative to posting an image on social media is to create a short snappy video. This will really help bring this news to life.

5 | The ‘big reveal’ of a product or service

Similar to the above option, why not create an engaging video for your social audience to generate a buzz surrounding your new products or services? This content is also far more shareable than a standard social media post.

6 | Frequently asked questions

Lets face it, FAQ pages are often boring and very rarely used in their intended way. Transforming useful information in to video format allows you to have a bit of fun with these potentially tricky questions.

7 | Customer testimonials

More and more businesses are turning to customer testimonials for fresh video content. Using a third party human angle to further advocate your work is a constructive way to generate positive branding.

8 | Interviews to camera

Depending on what products or services your business offers, you may be able to lean on ‘industry expert’ style videos that appeal to your core audience. This type of content can work really well on key website landing pages.

9 | Time lapse video

This is a fun one to set-up to help you generate rich and shareable content. The idea of showing the progress of something over time, in a short snappy video is the sort of thing viral videos are famous for!

10 | Before and after

This is a popular content idea for a lot of businesses who like to show the transformation of their work. A simple but effective before and after video is a great option for showcasing certain projects.

At Johnstone Films, we offer promotional videos for businesses of all sizes, primarily across the South West of the UK. If you’re interested in finding out more about the type of video content that can best promote your business, or for a quote, please get in touch today.

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