Does my business need a promotional video?

The quick answer is yes! Here’s why…

Did you know that 61% of business websites worldwide have promotional video content? Video streaming is growing rapidly and predicted to account for 80% of internet consumption in 2019.

Promotional videos allow you to simply articulate your products and services, helping the user to quickly digest what they could be purchasing, without having to trawl through pages of text on your website.

Promotional videos also offer that personal touch and transparency, which a lot of your competitors may not have, or will have taken for granted.

So why are so many businesses opting for promotional videos?

johnstone films data

One of the key reasons is that video content will boost your search rankings, helping people to find you better online. In fact, you’re 53 times more likely to boost your Google rankings through video content, compared to traditional text and images.

Sharing promotional videos across social media are proven to generate 1200% more shares alone, compared to that of text and images.

Statistics show that 64% of website visitors are more likely to purchase your product after watching branded videos on social media.

Businesses who use video content also grow their revenue 49% faster, compared to competitors with no video content. With videos used on key website landing pages likely to aid conversion rate by 80% or more.

This all sounds great, I want a promotional video for my business. Where do I start?

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This all depends on the type of video you want, the size of your proposition and of course your budget! You may find a freelancer is best for your needs, or equally you may decide a design agency can supply you with the support you require.

At Johnstone Films, we offer promotional videos for businesses of all sizes, primarily across the South West of the UK. If you’re interested in finding out more about the type of video content that can best promote your business, or for a quote, please get in touch today. It’ll be worth it!

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